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8-Week Genius Lab!!

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HEY, GENIUS. I heard you have a BIG THING that you're working on.

​And it's really, really, really important to you. But you can't seem to finish it. Maybe you haven't even started. Maybe you've given up on it a few times. Maybe you've even been working on it for an embarrassing number of years.



Because whatever it is, it's what you are meant to be doing with your life. It's the divine version of you trying to get out.


​What is it? An album? A memoir? A podcast, solo show, novel, opera, play, sculpture series? Or maybe it's a business, a social project, or an organization.


​Maybe the thing you're trying to create is yourself. Maybe you've spent years doing work that has nothing to do with the essence of who you are while your soul screams silently, or not, into a computer screen.


​Whatever it is, it's a big deal. In fact, it's the biggest deal ever. And big deals are nearly impossible to create on your own if you ask folks who have made them.


​So bring your big freaking deal to the genius lab and get to making that shit. Because I want to see it. And guess what?




​You will work in community with a curated group of fellow geniuses as well as receive copious 1:1 support from yours truly, to clarify your creative vision, open the channel to the universe and keep it open, and most importantly, DO THAT SHIT.


​You'll get 8 weekly 2-hour group workshops, each focused on a different area of the creative process, as well as bi-weekly 2-hour 1:1 sessions with me.


​The first half of the program will center on preparing you to create powerfully. We will work deeply on setting your vision, getting past your creative blocks, crossing the starting threshold, and exploring process.


​In the second half, we will focus on the creative work itself. You will create, share, re-create, coach each other, and feed off of the magical collective creative energy of the group.


​You will accomplish more in 2 months than you have (or haven't) in years. And that will change you. Forevs.

​Space is limited to 8 participants, so I will be selective in the application process to ensure that we are good fit.

FEE: $3,500

​ *Some partial scholarships are available.

For questions or to get more information, please reach out to me HERE.

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